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So I decided to start a farm...

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

I've always enjoyed gardening, but I never imagined I’d ever be a farmer. It all started when I realized I was very unhappy and I decided I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life sad and unsatisfied. It sounds kind of simple but it took years of re-evaluation, reflection, and a lot of crying for me to figure out what I really wanted out of life. It all came down to finding what matter most to me and living in a way that aligns with both my goals and morals. I have tried many (over 20!) different jobs during my short 26 years on this planet, so I definitely have a good understanding of what I'm looking for in a work environment. When I look at all the different aspects of farming it seems to be a good fit for me. The one summer I spent sorting, and selling peaches turned out to be one of my favourite jobs and I find it very appealing to work outdoors. I like the control and flexibility that comes with being your own boss, and I have had experience running my own home-based business in the past. I’m also not afraid of a little hard work, so that helps. All of my past work experiences, combined with my frustrations surrounding the current environmental crisis, have led me to explore the world of small-scale organic farming. All my many months of soul searching brought into focus the most important things in my life: My family and friends, my health, giving back to my community, and taking care of our earth. I believe everyone should have access to fresh local food and, as a farmer, you have the ability to provide that product while also taking care of the earth. So, I decided to start a farm! I am so fortunate to have friends who lent me land down at Beryle’s Organic Paradise where I will be growing veggies, greens, herbs, and more. If you are interested in purchasing fresh local produce from me in 2021 you are in the right place. Leave me your email and I will let you know when I will have vegetables for sale right here on my website or at your local farmers markets.

Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, questions, or words of advice in the section below!

Take it easy!

Emily Nunes

Easy Earth Farm

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