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Local people growing for local people

Who am I?

Hi I’m Emily Nunes and I’m your farmer! 

I grow healthy fruit, vegetables and herbs on my small biodiverse farm in Oliver BC. 

I was born and raised in Oliver and although a strong sense of wanderlust has taken me to live in many different places, I always come home. I love this amazing planet and the more I travel the more I appreciated how unique the Okanagan Valley is. I am passionate about saving our home from the threat of climate change and making a positive impact on our environment. I intend to show gratitude to this precious land, and the earth as a whole, by farming sustainably, caring for the soil, and providing healthy locally grown food to my community. 

How did I get into farming? 

Well, at the start of 2020 I was working in the restaurant industry and running a home-based travel business while growing nothing more than a handful of houseplants. *Cue lockdown followed by a mental breakdown.* At the end of 2020, I was questioning everything and rebuilding my entire life. In 2021 I started a new chapter, reconnected with myself and the earth, learned to grow veggies, did some good for my community, and turned a hobby into a business all at once. In 2023 I found a couple who shared my enthusiasm for small-scale regenerative farming, moved down the road and started my partnership with Adrian and Marla of Sprout Valley Farm.

For more of the story check out Emily’s yearly blog or the Sprout Valley Farm page

Where to find me?

You can find me growing in Oliver down at Sprout Valley Farm! If you want produce, have any questions or just want to chat please feel free to reach out by phone or email or leave a comment at any time. My hands will probably be busy in the dirt, but I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. You can also find me at the Naramata Farmer's Market Wednesday evenings or follow my adventures on Instagram @easyearthfarm. 

Who helps me the most?  


I don’t have enough words to show how much I appreciate everyone’s help and support. Thank you to Sarah and her family for providing the land for me to start this adventure. Thank you to Adrian and Marla for the opportunity to work with them. Thank you to all my family and friends who have helped me in more ways than they even know. Last, but especially not least, thank YOU for your support, purchases, likes, smiles, follows, comments, words of encouragement, and pieces of advice. 

I love my community and wouldn’t be here without you!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

About Us: Our Farm


Welcome to the Family



As the creator of Easy Earth Farm she is responsible for planning, growing, selling, and everything in between. Emily can usually be found dancing in the greenhouse, stretching in the field or cooling off with Elly in the river. Her favourite crop: spinach or kale because “I put that sh*t in everything”


Smelly Elly is always around to lift spirits, chase away birds and sample everything from radishes to cabbage. Nobody told her to, but she enjoys the work. Favourite crop: carrots! Paws down best crunchy snack!


Although wanting to retire after the hard job of raising Emily and her 3 siblings, both can be found helping out everywhere from the field to the market. The farm wouldn’t run without them. John’s favourite crop: tomatoes because we can’t grow cheesies. Linda’s favourite: lettuce, beans, carrots, and pretty much everything we grow. “I can’t decide!”



Miss Bean is our security alarm, digger and cuddle buddy wrapped into one. She keeps us active and makes sure we get to bed at a reasonable hour. She’s a crucial member of the team. Her favourite crop: do the quail count?


Adrian is a young farmer excited about producing healthy local food. He can be found all over whether it’s helping out in the field, working on the computer, or fixing a broken piece of equipment. He loves seed saving and his favourite crop: his tomatoes and pumpkins


Marla’s skills benefit the entire farm, whether she’s helping in the field or balancing the budgets. A spreadsheet wizard with a love of organizing and personal finance, Marla is also passionate about community and would love to chat with you at the farmer’s markets. Marla’s favourite crop: carrots and parsnips because she rules the roots!

About Us: Meet the Team
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