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Small Farm with Big Dreams

We moved to Oliver in December 2021 in order to escape the grind of city life and make our lifelong dreams of owning a farm a reality. The welcoming feel of a small town and the beautiful Okanagan climate were a perfect fit for us. We started our adventure here by cleaning up the yard to host our own diy wedding. Once we had our roots established it was time to start exploring regenerative agriculture and how we could become a part of the local food system here. That’s when we found Emily. Not only was she just as passionate about sustainability but she was also in need of land to rent. So begins a new friendship and a new chapter of our farm journey. Follow us on Instagram to see all our projects, experiments, creations and of course our cute pup Bean. @sprout.valley.farms

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Hi, I’m Adrian a dirt loving, nature requiring, Okanagan farmer. I just like to be outside and enjoy the forest, the plants and the animals around me. I like to study soil microbiomes, water retention and all things permaculture. In my day job I am a full-time animator and I’ve been in the film industry for almost 10 years. I’ll also be doing occasional tutorials on everything from gardening to camping to making stuff from scratch, so check out my Instagram @incase_of_plaid



Hi, I’m Marla, a fun-loving creative with a wicked knack for organizing. I enjoy working with spreadsheets and helping people organize their personal finances. In general, helping others is something I’m passionate about and I believe kindness builds communities. Please come chat with me at the farmers market where you’ll find me showcasing some of my artistic creations and expressing my love for people. @marlonfriendo

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